The health and safety of our patients is our top priority. We have enhanced our always stringent infection control protocols to protect our patients and staff.

Some of our safety measures include:

  • Doctor and staff have all tested negative for COVID-19. All team members are screened for fever and symptoms every workday upon arrival.
  • Patients are screened questionnaire for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Doctor and staff wear full PPE during all patient interactions.
  • Exam rooms and equipment are thoroughly sterilized and/or sanitized between each patient.
  • HEPA/UVC air filtration systems run continuously in each treatment room. Room air undergoes exchange six times per hour in combination with air drawn in from outside the building.
  • We have minimized the use of aerosol procedures and instituted the use of highspeed evacuation systems with dental hygiene procedures
  • Should aerosol generating procedures be necessary, with the use of high speed intraoral evacuation and high speed extraoral evacuation, drastically reducing aerosols. HEPA, plasma, and UVC air filtration, in combination with four HVAC systems drawing air from outside the building, provide air filtration and exchange in our treatment rooms.
  • Plexiglass panels have been installed at check-out. Touchless credit card payment options are available.


  • Per Center for Disease Control guidelines, nonpatient drivers & guests are asked to remain in their vehicles during the patient’s appointment, unless assistance is needed, or the patient is a young child.

We ask for your understanding as we attempt to maintain the safest dental environment possible during this pandemic. If you have any questions about your upcoming visit, feel free to call us at 309-662-9042.