Giving Back

A huge part of who we are at Houska Dental Center involves caring and concern. That’s why in addition to caring for our patients while in the office, we are committed to caring for our community. As individuals and as a team, every member of our office is involved in community service. It’s what we do! From donating our care to underprivileged children and needy senior citizens to educating children in the classroom, from supporting community service organizations to helping young adults realize career goals in dentistry, from letter writing campaigns and package deliveries to support our troops overseas to holding fund raisers for the Goodfellow fund we have dedicated ourselves to helping others. Some of the projects we are/have been involved in:

Houska Dental

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For over twenty-five years we have donated free dental care to the children of the Baby Fold

Awarded “Community Partner Award” for service to the Babyfold

President, Children’s Discovery Museum Foundation Board

Support to the Children’s Discovery Museum for more than fifteen years– Founding Donor Town of Normal, Children’s Discovery Museum, Sponsor Fun Run, Sponsor Sweet Discovery, Sponsor Museum Exhibits, Sponsor MCDS Exhibit, Chairperson Committee for Creation of MCDS CDM exhibit, President CDM Guild, Board of Directors

Premier Sponsors Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington-Normal

Board Member of the Year for the Midwest Region Award Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Susan Komen Race for the Cure team fundraisers/donor

Volunteered rebuilding homes in Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina

Relay for Life Team participants

Special Olympics volunteers

Alzheimer’s Association Memory walk team

March of Dimes volunteers

Organized fundraiser Raffle to raise money for gifts for US troops in Iraq. Recognized for support of USAF

Package Campaign for Troops

Letter Campaign for Troops

Pantagraph Goodfellow Fund – Donors,Organized Fundraising Raffle , delivered blankets to nursing  home residents

Habitat for Humanity volunteers

Head Start Dental Screenings

Donated Dental Services Champaign County Nursing Home

Donated Dental Services Cunningham Children’s Home

Presentations & Oral Health Instruction -Head Start, Stevenson School, Metcalf School, Blair House, Oakland School, Children’s Discovery Museum, Katie’s Kids Daycare, Bright Start Daycare, Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs

Brotherhood Tree donors

YWCA “Wings” Award donor

Donor St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Presenter Illinois Heart & Lung Foundation Women’s health Night

Volunteers Safe Harbor Mission

ISDS Mission of Mercy volunteers